What Is QuickBooks Pro 2015 All About?

For a multitude of business owners having ventures of small or medium capacities, QuickBooks is a preferred choice of accounting apparatus. However, there is a choice that comes associated with the decision of subscribing to the services of this bookkeeping software.

Although a majority of the customers find themselves enticed towards the online form of QuickBooks, some still have their loyalties towards the desktop version.

Intuit’s QuickBooks Pro is probably one of the number one accounting solutions for enterprises. QuickBooks Pro allows business to instantly evaluate their financial standing. This version of QuickBooks consists of a simplified customer, vendor, and employee forms making it much easier to capture information and keep it at the fingertips of the users. The navigation has also been simplified making it easier for users to access all the data contained within the software.


The PRO version of QuickBooks allows users to:

  • Organize and analyze finance as well as payroll all at one location thus saving a whole lot of time.
  • It enables users to generate reports that are automated. In conjugation to this, the PRO version allows users to customize the reports.
  • Users can fetch answers about their businesses and use easy filters for better and convenient interpretation of data.
  • Fetch one – click sales, finance, and tax reports. Track the standing of the business.
  • Smart Search
  • Report Filters
  • Enhanced support in multi – user mode.
  • Reminders about funds that are undeposited.
  • Display names of company file in the summary of deposits.

This blog focuses particularly on QuickBooks Pro 2015 and its uses. Besides a few new additions, most of the original features in this PRO version of the QuickBooks software remain intact. There are no significant changes in the way that users utilize QuickBooks Pro 2015. An update from the previous versions such as QuickBooks Pro 2014 or 2013 will let users perform most of the tasks in this version in a similar manner. However, there are a few noticeable modifications that have been made in the software. Note: For QuickBooks Pro 2015 download, support can be sought from the technical support team or you can send in your queries to the support forum of Intuit.

In case you are willing to opt for a QuickBooks Pro 2015 download, check out the below mentioned major changes:

Insight Tab incorporated inside the Home Window:

There are two tabs that are displayed in this new version of QuickBooks under the Home Window – The “Insights” tab and the “Home Page” tab.

Insight Tab is basically a page of graphs that can be customized in order to fetch a preview of your business. Users can alternate between the contents of the conventional “Home Page” tab and the new “Insights” tab.

“DOC Center”

The “Doc Center” through which documents can be attached to transactions can now be utilized without any charges. In the previous versions of QuickBooks Pro, this feature was required to be subscribed online by the name of “QuickBooks Attached Documents”. Customer willing to opt for QuickBooks Pro 2015 download can now utilize this feature without any cost of subscriptions.

Changes in the methods of payment in Sales Receipt as well as Receive Payments Window:

In both the captioned windows, those willing to go for QuickBooks Pro 2015 download can notice the indication that point towards the modifications in the methods of payments. Instead of the drop – down menu, users can now select a button from the button group. In case a user wishes to feed additional information, they can do so for a particular payment type that has been selected.

The QuickBooks Pro 2015 download enables accountants to lift the software beyond its conventional limits owing to the new but significant changes that have been brought about in the software. QuickBooks Pro has off late established itself as the leader in the realm of accounting. Probably generations in your family have been using the leading bookkeeping apparatus but nothing challenges the convenience that comes with utilizing this version of the software. With the ease of use, the productivity has also doubled up. Users opting for QuickBooks Pro 2015 download are certainly in for a pleasant accounting experience.