Top 4 Ways How QuickBooks Is Helpful For Small Businesses

When a need for managing the complex accounts data was growing, Intuit Inc. developed a software to bring an ease in storing and accessing such data. The company launched its flagship software QuickBooks. It is an accounting software to help especially the small businesses manage, store, and access the complex data. The software is rich in features and easy to use; even a person who doesn’t understand accounting can easily access the software. It streamlines the business operations and helps in carrying out day-to-day activities with an ease. It organizes the important business information in a manner that it becomes easy to open, edit, share, and update the data. It also allows you to give permissions and assign multiple users. Furthermore, the software also comes with a quick customer support to resolve any technical issues when faced by the users. In case, while using the software you find any issue related to the software, simply place a call on the QuickBooks technical support phone number. The QuickBooks support team is backed by an expert team who is skilled in providing the quick assistance for all the software-related problems.


Whether it is to manage payroll, inventory, bills or payments, QuickBooks makes these accounting tasks easier for the small businesses. More than 80% of small businesses in the U.S. are successfully using QuickBooks as an accounting software. It is easy to install, user-friendly and affordable. You can also use QuickBooks for your business to speed up the information exchange. Here are top 4 ways in which QuickBooks is helping the small businesses.

1. Tracks the Cashflow

The primary function of QuickBooks is to track the cash flow. Simply enter your financial transactions and practice to reconcile it daily in QuickBooks. It provides an easy way to create an invoice and sort them in the order to get them paid. Including printing of the invoice, QuickBooks also allows your customers to directly pay you online. After you receive the email for a cash deposit, it automatically updates once the payment is made. Hence, it automates the process and also keeps a track on every transaction. In case, you find difficulty using this feature simply place a call in the QuickBooks technical support phone number.

2. Manages the Payroll

QuickBooks manages your whole employee payment process, leaving no room for any glitches. In case you require to manage payroll taxes and the data migration from the previous software or application, QuickBooks takes care of everything. Although the software will charge a certain subscription fee, the cost is reasonable and worth a piece of mind. Call on the QuickBooks technical support phone number and know which monthly subscription you should buy to serve the need and purpose of your business.

3. Controls the expenses from the Mobile devices

When it comes to payments and deadlines you want to get rid of them both very soon. And, at times, most of the bill payments and small purchases is done through mobile devices. Such expenses occur when you are out of the office. QuickBooks stays with you while you are in the office or out for some other work. With the help of your device’s camera, the software allows you to capture the invoice receipt. You can then tag and store it in your device. QuickBooks sync all the data and update your company files. But, it is important to know if the auto-sync mode is on in the software. To ensure this, seek an expert help by calling on the QuickBooks technical support phone number.

4. Provides an easy remote access to the accountants

This is a much-required feature for an accounting software. QuickBooks gives remote access to the accountants to keep an eye on the various important files when you are out of station for business development. In case you are using the Desktop version of the QuickBooks, you can either work with your accountant who is already a member of the Desktop QuickBooks or can share the company files that are required by the accountants. To know more about this feature, call on the QuickBooks technical support phone number and get an expert assistance to make the optimum use of the software.

QuickBooks is an ideal accounting software for small businesses. This flagship product of Intuit is prevalent among small to the medium-sized businesses. However, to make the optimum use of the software, it is important to understand the features and their abilities that can help your business grow. And, in this, seeking an expert help can be helpful. For quick customer assistance, call on the QuickBooks technical support phone number. The customer care executive can give you a telephonic assistance for any query related to the software.