Things You Need To Know About QuickBooks Pro 2013

Everyone gets excited when QuickBooks comes up with a new update or a version of their accounting software. As we all know, QuickBooks remains to be considered amongst the best accounting software for users. Small businesses, product-based businesses, or businesses of any kind as well as scale, all of them use QuickBooks as a great accounting manager to handle a lot of tasks. The advanced features available in QuickBooks software allow users to manage cash flow, create paychecks, and do a number of other things with just a click of the mouse.In this blog, we shall discuss about the features and other associated facts of QuickBooks Pro 2013 you need to know.

About QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro is one of the oldest versions of the bookkeeping software by Intuit. It was first created in the early 2000s and has evolved as an accounting software to match with the latest technology as well as needs of the small business owners. Talking about its use, QuickBooks Pro was primarily created to simplify customer management along with basic accounting processes. Here are the main features of QuickBooks Pro:

  • Three users are allowed at one time.
  • Customer Snapshot Feature to offer customer insights.
  • Sales Tax Tracking.
  • Purchase Orders and Invoice Tracking Capabilities.
  • Email & account reporting templates, etc.

Enhancements Made in the QuickBooks Pro 2013:

Several improvements were made in QuickBooks Pro 2013. Some of these enhancements were common in all the Pro, Premium and Enterprise versions of QB while others were made only in the QuickBooks Pro 2013 version. These changes or improvements as we call them include:

Transaction Toolbar

The new QuickBooks Pro 2013 version has an added toolbar in the transaction windows. The main purpose of adding this new toolbar is to provide an easy access to related details, tasks, and information to the users.

User Interface

Users can witness a major User Interface Overhaul in the QuickBooks Pro 2013. A new left bar has been added to provide an easy access to a variety of information such as shortcuts, account balances, open windows, to-do’s, etc. User also have the option to either customize or minimize the left bar according to his own needs.

Although, the top bar has been removed in this version but the same can be added by going back to the old design with the help of the ‘shortcut bar’ available at the top of the screen.

Home Page Re-design

Another visible change made in the 2013 version of QuickBooks is the redesigning of its home page. This is done to give the software a modern look according to the latest industrial standards while also adding/removing certain functions for the convenience of the users. However, if the user wishes to go back to the old design, the shortcut bar option is available as mentioned in the previous point.

Print Bills

Users can now print bills for various purposes including filing, internal signature authorization, and the like with the QuickBooks Pro 2013 version. This feature was not present earlier.

Improved Vendor as well as Customer Centers

This feature has brought a lot of relief for the users. Users can now create multiple to-do lists, notes as well as contact entries for every customer or vendor. The tabs enable the users to access details from the customers and vendor centers. Not only that, the feature also provides the ability to date-stamp notes rather than having one note for every single entry made.

QuickBooks Pro 2013 had a lot of important changes necessary for a comfortable user experience. QuickBooks aims to come up with more frequent updates and make their software more advanced in accordance with the modern technology so that you never get a chance to complain! The 24×7 Customer Service Support is another key feature of QuickBooks Pro 2013, making the software a favorite amongst all!