QuickBooks Online Backup And Restoring Data – The Easy Way

Living in the Internet age has got several changes in the way we used to function or lead our lives as well as businesses. In fact, even Intuit encourages its users to switch to online version of QuickBooks. QuickBooks online has a lot of benefits for the individual user. It has regular updates so you don’t need to worry about getting outdates because you never will, managing things is possible at the click of the mouse, remotely accessible, and you can streamline multiple tasks at once using third party apps as well. Not just that, the QuickBooks Online Backup lets you keep your data safe and restore it when required without worries.

What is meant by Creating a Backup?

Backup is basically an act of creating a physical or virtual duplicate file of any data file. The source location of this duplicate file is different from that of the original file to be used in case the user loses the original data due to any reason.

Backups are required to avoid future consequences of permanent data loss to the users. It is an important part of every business or non-business activity conducted online.

How to Maintain or Create QuickBooks Online Backup?

Users have access to the Rewind app which they can use to automate a continuous backup of their QuickBooks Online data in less than 5 minutes without having to spend any time further! The steps involved in creating a QuickBooks online backup file include:

Step I: Install the Rewind app from the QuickBooks App Store.

Step II: Next, Link your QuickBooks account Online. You can link multiple client accounts with your Rewind Account.

Step III: Once linked, your first backup will be done by default and will be complete in just a couple of minutes.

Once you follow these three steps, Rewind will automatically backup the changes made in the QuickBooks Company file in real-time at regular intervals. This way, you will be saved from creating a manual backup while getting access to the changes made by you in a chronological log.

How to Restore QuickBooks Online Backup?

Rewind app offers users three ways to restore the QuickBooks online backup. All of these ways are very simple and can be used to restore the backup of their QuickBooks online account almost instantaneously. The list of the ways goes like this:

Restore Backup to a Different or a New QuickBooks Account

This option might be of use in case of an audit wherein you or your client are planning to close their respective QuickBooks accounts but wish to store the data for a couple of years. The fact that your Rewind account is not tied with your QuickBooks account (both are very different from each other), you will be able to save your data in the Rewind Vault for as long as you want. The QuickBooks team is working hard to come up with a solution for all Rewind app users to restore their data to a new QuickBooks account.

Rewind a Single Item

There are times when the user wishes to undo one specific aspect of the account without disturbing or losing the entire data. If your case belongs to this category, then worry not. Simply search for anything you want to rewind (for instance, a transaction) and expand it to view all the previous versions of this option.

Rewind the Entire Account

Whether you client made several changes to your account without seeking your permission or you imported some large dataset which you do not wish to keep any longer, then it is the best to rewind your account back to its original content. The Rewind App will soon be having option to rewind data by time and date by the 2018 release.

QuickBooks Online Backup is essentially important for any and every user to avoid facing future consequences. Losing data is the last thing one can wish for and when it is business, it calls for utmost care!