Getting Up Close With QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Every businessperson and investor asks for easy alternatives to keep accurate records of their finance. QuickBooks is the exact alternative people might require for the safekeeping of their data. It is a cloud-based, user-friendly accounting software used to manage all accounting operations. It focuses on the small and mid-sized businesses as the company, Intuit believed that small and mid-sized enterprises are the ones who need finance tracking more.

QuickBooks can be used to manage accounting operations, track income, send invoices, and so much more. There are times when QuickBooks diagnostic tool can play a huge role to help users. Since QuickBooks is used by small businesses and individuals, there is a high possibility that they might deal with some issues. All these issues can be taken care of with the help of QuickBooks customer support.


The QuickBooks diagnostic tool

The QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is a software feature of QuickBooks to troubleshoot undefined errors while opening a company file. This issue mostly arises when it is a multi-user QB environment. QuickBooks diagnostic tool can fix multi-user and networking error to enable the user to access the company file.

QuickBooks diagnostic tool provides appropriate connection among the QuickBooks database manager, QuickBooks company records and application. The Diagnostic Tool of QuickBooks operates only with the systems who are running at Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, or Windows XP. People can easily install and run the Diagnostic tool to fix all the error messages which might be appearing at the time of QuickBooks desktop installation. This tool is commonly called QBNetDiagTool.exe, QBServerUtilityMgr.exe etc.

QuickBooks diagnostic tool can help in resolving a number of issues such as:

  • Learning which firewall port should be open.
  • Unable to connect QB to the database.
  • QB Database connecting issues.
  • Using the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

The process of using and running the QuickBooks diagnostic tool is easy. Users have to install and extract the QuickBooks connection diagnostic Tools which is located at the download the device tab. Then, users have to double-click the connection diagnostic tool icon in order to run the device. Once done, they have to follow the troubleshooting steps such as:

Diagnose Connection tab

This includes testing the computer set up to make sure that the company data file is accessible from the system whether it is configured as multi or single-user. Errors can arise if the firewalls or ports are blocked or the permissions are not set correctly.

Firewall Status

This tab includes all the information about the Firewall.

Test Connectivity

This helps to ensure the connectivity of the workstation. It will show the issue if there is something wrong with the connectivity.

Testing the connectivity of the computer

Click the button next to the Company File field to locate your company file.

Only the Linux systems can choose the Change Hosting Server check box is the network setup is in Alternate mode.

Note: All statuses appear as “Not Applicable” prior to running the connectivity test.

All the statuses are them differentiated into red (problem detected) and Green (no problem found) after running the test successfully.

  • Select the Test Connectivity button.
  • Click at “What do these mean?” if the File Open Status appears in Red. The option will be available in the Advanced section.
  • Run the tool again after fixing the relevant statutes to check if there is any other issue remaining.
  • A successful message will appear.
  • Repeat all the above steps to all client computers that have QuickBooks installed.

QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool can identify and resolve issues by default related to:

  • C++
  • Microsoft.Net Framework


  • Fix problems with Microsoft components manually.
  • QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to troubleshoot Microsoft.NET, MSXML, and C++ issues.
  • Try installing QuickBooks in Selective Startup.
  • Try performing a Windows Update to install missing updates pertaining to .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++.

QuickBooks diagnostic tool is easy to use but there are times when user is unable to operate it properly. At times like these, the users can turn to the professional aid. Contact QuickBooks customer support.