What’s New In The QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018?

QuickBooks come with several exciting features and usability with each of its release, including the latest QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018. The version also came with a lot of improvements in the existing features. Typically, these enhancements and additions are made to make the user’s life easier and further improve their experience of using the QB software. Below is a list of some new features added in the new release of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 version:


Multi-Monitor Support

The latest release comes with an extensive multi-monitor support. The software allows up to 7 members to log-in at the same time in a single subscription. So multiple users can control their reports and manage their books with permissions and roles. This also means that the user can invite the accountant at the same time for a collaboration and manage their books while they are online.

Remain Logged In

The QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 lets users to choose to remain Logged in into the software. Earlier, the user was automatically logged out of the server when the session was timed out or not in use. However, this has been improved by giving users the authority to elect whether to remain logged in for as long as they want or continue with the previous time-out sessions.

Cash/Accrual Toggle on Reports

If you are a user who switches between cash and accrual transactions too often, then this feature of the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 might be of use to you. This feature primarily helps users to switch the basis of their financial reports with ease. Many middle level organizations and even small-scale businesses find this feature extremely useful in terms of maintaining financial reports.

Inventory Reports Enhancements

Earlier, many QuickBooks reports could not be altered or modified. Users were not able to add additional columns or rows to their report. However, this aspect has been removed from the latest QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018. However, only some of the inventory reports will have the facility to be changed or modified as per user convenience.

Search in the Chart of Accounts

Another latest feature that might been missed by some of the users is that they can now search for accounts in the chart of accounts. This feature was, however, not in the previous versions but has been added for an effortless use of the QB software by its users. For those who didn’t knew, Chart of Accounts is an important part of the accounting system. This is because through this chart, users can segregate and differentiate between Incomes, Profits earned, losses incurred, and financial status.

Past Stamp Due

Although reasonably flexible, this feature in the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 helps users resend copies of the past stamp invoices and let the customers know that these are past stamp invoices.

Other features of the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 include:

  • Remain Logged-In (Optional)
  • Webmail Users
  • Search in the Chart of Accounts
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • Account Users (Allows to Merge Multiple Vendors)
  • Cash/Accrual Toggle
  • Payroll Users (Payroll Liability Reminder)
  • Past Stamp Due
  • Security Improvements
  • Advanced Inventory Users (Portable Scanner and Improvements in Sales Order Fulfillment)
  • Inventory Reports Enhancements
  • Enhancements in other Behind-the-scenes features

The latest QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 version has come up with multiple new features and enhancements of already existing features with the aim to better the user experience while using the accounting software. Users can now customize inventory reports, manage financial reports and switch between different basis of the reports without trouble, and do a number of other things while saving a lot of time as well as efforts which can be utilized to make other important achievements in the business processes.

Users get a tremendous support along with each version of the QB software. This is beneficial as most of the users are either non-technical or managing accounts for the very first time! However, users of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 will always be in a profitable position due to the interesting changes made in the latest version along with access to 24×7 customer support. Users can connect via email, chat, call, or through online community and get direct help from the professionals for any issue, problem, or queries related to the software.