Features In The QuickBooks 2016 Download

The reason why QuickBooks as an accounting software is so popular is probably because it tells a business an exact picture of where it is heading by giving complete idea about the income as well as expenses. It manages modules such as payroll, inventory, inflow & outflow of cash, vendors, invoices, etc. However, choosing which version of QB software to use could become a troubling task, especially for beginners who have just started to manage their accounts. In this blog, we shall discuss about some features and benefits of QuickBooks 2016 download in all its versions.


Features of QuickBooks 2016 Download

There have been many exciting features with the QuickBooks 2016 Download. However, some exceptionally noted features are as follows:

Accept Online Payments

Users can use QuickBooks Online to accept online payments. This feature, when it was introduced brought a sigh of relief amongst the users as it meant they do not have to undergo lengthy processes to make or accept online payments and note them in their accounting software. This is one of the most useful features of QuickBooks 2016 download.

Connect from Third-Party Apps

Another interesting feature in the QuickBooks 2016 download is its ability to connect to third-party applications. Users can integrate as well as sync data from other applications such as PayPal, Square, etc with QuickBooks and manage transactions seamlessly. This feature has benefited many organizations in managing multiple transactions with ease as they can simply sync different apps with their QB Software and the data will be added automatically to their accounts.

Bank Synchronization

Although, this feature does not work with all banks, but it has given users the ability to connect, download, categorize as well as reconcile credit card along with bank transactions automatically in the QB software. So users don’t feel lagged behind from the ever-changing technology. This feature helps businesses to seamlessly sync their bank transactions with their QB software without any manual setup.

Send Professional Invoices

Any accounting software will have this feature of invoicing. QuickBooks 2016 download has pre-built invoice templates which are highly responsive and intuitive and can be directly shared with the QB Interface. With QB, users have an ease of making invoices with the already available templates and share it via the software’s interface directly. This way, users will just have to add their information in the already built template and their invoice will be ready!

Recording Expenses for Taxing

With this feature, users can record their expenses by using either the main QuickBooks application or the mobile app. Users find this feature extremely useful as it saves a lot of time while filing returns for them which they can use in other important activities of their businesses.

Managing and Paying Bills

The use of this feature is that users can not only manage but also pay bills to their vendors. Not only that, they can also schedule recurring payments which will automatically be debited from the user’s account for on-time payments.

Payroll for Better Employees Management

The QuickBooks 2016 download helps users who are business owners manage the payroll for their employees more effectively as compared to other accounting software. This is really effective because managing the payroll of human resource is perhaps the most difficult aspect of any business organization and QuickBooks makes it a cakewalk for them.

QuickBooks is one of the most popularly used accounting software. It keeps on adding new and exciting features with each updates every now and then to give its users simply the best experience of managing accounts. The QuickBooks 2016 download came with some extremely useful features and benefits that every business owner can use for improving their processes.

Contact Customer Support for Help

The best thing about QB is that it never compromises on anything. Whether it is the user interface, features, or customer support, QuickBooks makes sure it serves users with nothing less than best kind of service! Even their customer support service is available 24×7 and have all experts in their panel to resolve customer complaints in the shortest possible time. Users of QuickBooks 2016 download can freely email, chat, or contact on the customer service number for any software-related queries and get instant assistance.